10-Pack – 2m Micro USB 2.0 Cables

10-Pack – 2m Micro USB 2.0 Cables


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Connector Front View

Micro USB Connector

Cable Length

Meters Feet Centimeters Inches
2m 6.5ft 200cm 78.7in

Product Description

Take care of all your cable problems with the Family Pack. Just remember what drawer you left them in. And whenever in need of a charging cable, just reach for the secret drawer.

When the standard 1 meter cable won’t reach around the night stand, its time to get a longer cable. This 2 meter cable will comfortably reach your charger without the risk of your phone falling off the edge of a table because the cable was too short.

The standard Micro USB 2.0 Cable is the power and data cable of most mobile devices, portable hard drives, backup power bank batteries and more.

Never get caught with a broken charge cable again. Our cables are so affordable, keep one in your car, one at the office, one at the home, and one in the bag. No more losing friends or disowning the last family member you saw with your cable.

Don’t run into slow charge times with cheap cables bought elsewhere. Our cables are made of the highest quality materials and build to provide the best performance.

Is your current charge cable too long or too short? Find the right cable size for your setup, be sure to browse our various cable lengths.


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