1m Lightning USB Cable


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MFI Compliant

MFI Certified Cables produce no error messages.

Cable Length

Meters Feet Centimeters Inches
1m 3.2ft 100cm 39.3in

Need longer cables?   2 meter Lightning cables | 3 meter Lightning cables

Product Description

The 8-pin Lightning USB Cable was designed specifically to charge and sync the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It features a thin design profile and has a reversible connector so it will work which ever way it is plugged in.

Never get caught with a broken charge cable again. Our cables are so affordable, keep one in your car, one at the office, one at the home, and one in the bag. No more losing friends or disowning the last family member you saw with your cable.

MFI Certification means you won’t receive those pesky messages on your phone reading “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”. We despise those messages, and we guarantee you won’t see them with your new cable.

Is your current charge cable too long or too short? Find the right cable size for your setup, be sure to browse our various cable lengths.


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